Janel Gion Creative Collective Lifestyle
Mobile Presets

Created to Transform your Phone Photos with ONE CLICK!

Go from Phoney to Pro with a bright and
consistent look for foodies,
bloggers, creatives, moms and more!

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Whether you have a wellness blog to create content for and drool worthy recipes to share, a creative business to market, or you are a Momma with tips and tricks to a more simplified and organized life with cute kids and you want to just save those memories to last a lifetime, but you struggle with creating pretty images you are proud of and want to share! I know it can be HARD! But I am here to HELP you and Simplify this for you!



“When my hubby and I celebrated our ten year anniversary in Maui Hawaii for a trip  of a Lifetime, I didn’t even bring my SLR camera because I knew I could achieve perfect edits on my phone!”


 So what is included:


1. TEN presets specifically formulated to enhance phone photos (files compatible with Lightroom mobile only)

2. Easy-to-install PDF guide

  1. JG Warm

  2. JG Cool it Down

  3. JG BW

  4. JG Backlight Fix

  5. JG Bright Sky

  6. JG Fresh & Clean

  7. JG Light of My Life

  8. JG Matte

  9. JG Pretty Little Things

  10. JG Splish Splash

Get Started with Janel Gion Creative Collection Presets today and be sure to tag me with #JanelGionCreativeCollective!

(The mobile presets are specifically formulated for iPhone, Android or Samsung images and the files are not compatible with the desktop version of Lightroom)




You are going to wonder what you ever did before NOW!


Unedited Image vs. JG Collective Lifestyle Mobile Preset




Step 1

Get All Set Up On Your Phone
Download The FREE Lightroom Mobile App that looks like this! Adobe Lightroom CC is free to all, and works beautifully for editing RAW images or phone camera images for your social feeds. 

Step 2

Import DNGs Into Lightroom CC
You will need to import my DNG files included in your download, as well as your own images. 

Step 3

Create Your Presets - and Done!
The DNG files from my download have all the presets data stored in them, so you just need to create your own preset set to get going! 




I’m new to this preset thing. How does it work?

These are mobile presets for editing phone images! All you need is the free version of The Lightroom Mobile App to use them!

How will I get access to the presets?

After you click the link to purchase the presets, you will receive an email to download the presets, along with an Install Guide PDF to walk you through the install process!

I’m not a professional… I just want to have an easy way to edit my personal memories! Is that ok?

Of course! These presets are for anyone! Moms, creatives, bloggers… I even have grandmas loving and using them on photos of their grandbabies! My goal was to make them user friendly AND simply beautiful... I’m excited for them to help you make editing simple.

Do I have to buy these again if I get a new phone?

Nope! They're yours FOREVER. You'll still have access to your member's page where you can redownload them to your shiny new phone.

Is this a one time payment?

Yes! The presets are a one-time payment and come with an Install Guide to get you all set up using the presets, editing images quickly and easily from your phone!

Do the presets change the quality of the image? Can I blow them up on canvases in my home?

The presets don't strip any quality from the photos! However, since phone images can be lower quality images in general, check with your print company to confirm before order larger scale prints!

Do I need specific camera gear or equipment to use the presets?

The only thing required to effectively use the presets is a camera phone and the free version of The Lightroom Mobile App. That’s it!

I’ve felt like I have wasted money on presets before… how are these different?

The Janel Gion Creative Collective Lifestyle Mobile Presets were designed to give you the perfect preset to use in any lighting situation AND the tools to use it to make any image bright, beautiful & consistent!


YES, I want them!